Why is my electric bill so high

Why Is My Electric Bill

So High This Winter in Rockville, MD?

Is your electric bill out of control this winter? Are you wondering why your utility bill is so expensive this season? B&B Air Conditioning and Heating Service Company is here to help like many homeowners, the coldest days of the winter can be traumatic, but not just due to the unwelcome frigid temperatures. It can be due to unexpected high priced gas or electric bills. When this happens, you can be left wondering why you are paying so much to keep your home warm in the winter. B&B Air Conditioning and Heating Service Company in Rockville, Maryland is here to help shed light on why you may being paying so much for your utilities during the most extreme temperatures of the year.

Here are some possible reasons why your electric bill is so expensive in Maryland

A poorly insulated attic

A lack of proper insulation in your home can make your HVAC system work harder. If your home doesn’t have a proper bed of insulation heat could be floating right out of your home and leaving you with an over worked system and a big fat utility bill during extreme temperatures. It’s important to ensure and maintain a proper bed of insulation in your home to help keep indoor temperatures at an optimal state.

Improperly sized HVAC system for your home

Sadly, many homes are built today in a fast, mass production way. Some of the largest home builders are guilty of installing the smallest, and often undersized, HVAC systems in new homes to keep their profits high. An improperly sized HVAC system has to work harder to produce the temperatures your desire. This extra work results in higher priced electric or gas bills. To find if your home has the right size HVAC system for your living space, contact the experts at B&B for an assessment

Failing heat pump or furnace

Alas all good things in life come to an end, and that includes your heat pump or furnace. While we all wish our heating system would last forever, it won’t. One important symptom of a failing heat pump or furnace is a sky high utility bill. If you find yourself forking out more money on utilities, then it’s time to call in the experts at B&B to assess the performance of your heat pump or furnace and advise you on the life and the latest innovations in money saving energy efficient heating systems. B&B offers a wide variety of high tech heating systems and controls, such as remote temperature control apps, to help you save money and keep your system running optimally year-round.

Unbalanced air duct system

Imbalanced air flow in a home can leave some rooms too hot and others too cold. As a result, you may find your family constantly adjusting the thermostat to make their living space more comfortable. If you find yourself constantly adjusting your thermostat temperature, then it may be a clear sign that your ducts needs to be assessed for balanced air flow. B&B heating and cooling experts can inspect your system and recommend the right solution for your needs. Perhaps your heating system just requires a few simple duct adjustments to get proper heating to all the rooms of your homes

Dirty air filters on your heating systems

Clean air filters for your heating system are essential to an efficiently running system. Installing a new filter each month is one of the best ways to keep your furnace running efficiently. By doing so, you can help prevent stress on your heating system that could result in higher priced utility bills. If you can’t change your filter regularly, call on the home heating contractors at B&B and they can provide regularly scheduled maintenance, for you. Call for details about our money saving maintenance plans.

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