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On a central air conditioning and heating system, do you know the differences between an air filter and a high efficiency whole home air cleaner?

What about the benefits an air purification system or proper humidification?

 If you have an attached garage or any type of fossil fuel appliance, can you be certain that there is not any level of carbon monoxide in the home?

 air cleaners


Why is this important??? 

It is well documented that many people have unhealthy levels of indoor air pollution in their home which can cause or contribute to the development of respiratory problems, infections, and chronic lung diseases such as asthma. In addition, it can cause headaches, dry eyes, nasal congestion, nausea, and fatigue.


The Environmental Protection Agency lists indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental threats to public health.  

The Solutions…


The first item that is beneficial to your indoor air quality is the installation of a high efficiency whole home air cleaner. B&B offers a wide variety of professionally installed air cleaners.                                                                   


 A standard 1” fiberglass furnace filter is there for equipment protection. Its purpose is to keep the large particles of dust and dirt out of the HVAC equipment. This type of filter is not capable of capturing the very small particulate matter such as pollen, bacteria, mold spores, and other harmful contaminants that can trigger health problems. The one inch wide pleated type air filters are usually not recommended due to the problems they cause. They “load up” very quickly due to the small surface area and they create an excessive static pressure drop (or airflow restriction) which causes the heating and cooling system to not only work harder, but causes reduced efficiency and capacity.

 For more information on air cleaners visit:


What about an air purification system???




The difference between a whole home air cleaner and an air purification system is that an air cleaner traps particulate matter and an air purification system kills germs, viruses, and bacteria. Many people do not realize that some of today’s air purifiers using the radiant catalytic ionization technology have been proven to destroy 99.9% of all surface bacteria, viruses, and germs. This technology has been tested by various universities, agencies, and labs. These products also have a more tangible benefit of being very effective on eliminating odors.


Several of the air purifiers offered come with a 30 day money back guarantee. We feel so strongly about the effectiveness and your satisfaction, that if you are not satisfied within 30 days of the paid installation, B&B will return, remove the product and refund your money.





How does a humidifier help???




Proper humidification levels have numerous benefits. During the winter, an average heated home on a 20°F day will have a relative humidity indoors of about 10% without a humidifier. Proper indoor humidity in the winter makes you feel warmer. Remember, dry air will try to absorb moisture from anywhere that it can, including your body. The dry air will rapidly dry moisture from your skin causing you to feel colder. Dry air will also dry out the mucous membranes protecting your sinuses, which increases the risk for respiratory infections. Other negative effects of dry air are: static electricity, dry and itchy skin, chapped lips, throat dryness and irritation, wood floors, trim and furnishings shrink, dry out and crack.


This chart below shows the health benefits of maintaining a humidity level ranging from between 35% and 50% RH.




Let B&B Air Conditioning & Heating Service Company determine which type of humidifier would best fit your application and humidification requirements. If you already have a humidifier, please remember, humidifiers are not effective unless they are cleaned and serviced on a regular basis.




Should we be concerned with carbon monoxide???




Our advice is please don’t take a chance with your health and safety by possible exposure to unsafe high or low levels of carbon monoxide. It is such a concern that it is now being implemented as a code requirement in many jurisdictions when pulling a permit for any reason, on any new or existing home. This code requirement applies to any home that has a fuel fired appliance or an attached garage. B&B Air Conditioning & Heating Company is pleased to offer the CO-Experts model 2014 low level CO Monitor because it exceeds the standards of a typical CO detector. The Environmental Protection Agency states that the maximum allowable CO exposure is not to exceed 9PPM for 8 hours. Most fire Departments require their firefighters to put on their breathing apparatus if they encounter CO levels of 35 ppm or greater. A typical CO detector purchased at a warehouse store will not alarm at 70 PPM in the first hour and can be delayed up to 4 hours.


For much more information on this life saving product visit:




Please call your local B&B office for a free estimate of the indoor air quality products and services that will best fit your needs.





























Rotobrush Air Duct Cleaning


In addition to having your HVAC system cleaned and inspected on your normal maintenance inspection schedule it is important to keep your duct system clean. It is easy to tell if your duct system may be in need of cleaning, you could have your B & B service technician take a look on your inspection or you could look in the most accessible register, either on the floor or wall, if you see visible dust, dirt, etc. then it is time to have your duct system cleaned.

Homeowner's with pets, allergies, smokers, etc. may have to clean their ducts more frequently. B & B offers duct cleaning services to the Baltimore/Washington Metro area, Frederick,  Annapolis, and Northern Virginia areas.





Some of the benefits of having your duct system cleaned are:

  • Improves air quality
  • Improves heat circulation
  • Helps reduce pollen, dirt, dust, and mold
  • Reduces fire hazards
  • Saves on furnace repair bills
  • Saves money on home/furnishing cleaning bills

Our trained professionals have combined their proven techniques with a video-assisted Rotobrush air duct cleaning system. This advanced cleaning method uses brushes and vacuums to remove the debris at the point of contact, eliminating use of harsh chemicals of any kind. Your home is left with the assurance of fresh, clean and virtually contaminant-free air.  We clean the vent covers to remove cooking oil film, and other dust-collecting substances. The squirrel cage and blower compartment are then deep cleaned. Then the air ducts are brushed and vacuumed with our patented Rotobrush technology system. The technician will be able to show you the results since our equipment is equipped with a camera for you to see the actual differences in the before and after cleaning.


 duct work before and after

This service is performed out of two of our branch locations for DC/Maryland area call 301-881-2700, Northern Virginia and Loudoun County areas call 703-560-9444 or Click here to request an estimate/schedule a duct cleaning today!



B & B Now Offers Energy Efficient Automatic Standby Generator Systems For Your Home


Everyone residing in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia Areas are no stranger to the agony of power outages. No matter what season we are in, the loss of air conditioning, heating, refrigerators and lights are enough to make anyone's day miserable. Aside from the general discomfort of not having power, an outage can also cost homeowners a lot of money by wasting food due to refrigerators/freezers not working. During the winter time having no power could cause water pipes to freeze and break causing expensive water damage and plumbing repairs.

A standby backup generator can restore power back to your home automatically in seconds during a power outage.

Here's how it works:

  • The generator transfer switch monitors utility voltage from the power company line.
  • When a power outage occurs, the transfer switch signals the generator to activate.
  • Within seconds the generator provides power to the home.
  • When the utility power has returned, power transfers back to the utility source and the generator automatically turns off.

BB Installed Generator


Since each home is unique, different in size and energy consumption, an audit of the home and appliances you would like active in a power outage is essential for a properly sized generator. While some generators will only target essential circuits, others can cover the entire home. Whichever the homeowner chooses to install, installation of a home generator will save homeowners and their families the frustration of being in the dark when a power outage occurs. 

B & B Air Conditioning and Heating offers installation, service, and repair of whole house Generators.  We also offer coverage under our Maintenance-Service Agreements for home generators which include an inspection and labor for any breakdowns.  A home Generator system provides permanent backup protection from power outages for your home, your family and gives you a peace of mind.

 If you are interested in having a home generator installed or having your existing home generator serviced click to schedule service and/or an estimate for a new home generator. Also feel free to contact the B & B office in your service area to speak with one of our service managers.


 generator installation



An Air Scrubber Plus is a total home air purification system that cleans, freshens, and purifies the air in your home eliminating germs, viruses, and bacteria. If you or a loved one is suffering from allergies, or you own pets the Air Scrubber Plus is a perfect fit for your home. The Air Scrubber Plus not only reduces containments in the air but it also reduces surface containments as well.

Watch the Video To learn more:



Welcome to B & B Air Conditioning and Heating Service Co Inc



   SPECIAL OFFER $79.00 Per System

         20 Point Cooling Inspection or Diagnostic fee




√ Air Filter
√Operating Voltages
√Indoor control circuit board
√Blower Wheel
√Blower Motor
√Condensate Drain Pans
√Condensate Drain Lines
√Condensate Water Safety Devices
√Cooling Temperature Differences
√Air Flow
√Supply Air Dampers
√Refrigerant Coolant Levels
√Low & linw Voltage Wiring
√Outdoor Control Circuit Board
√Compressor Starting Amperage
√Metering Device
√Run Capacitors
√Compressor Start Assist Kit
√Compressor Time Delay Relay
√Condensor Fan Motor
√Fan Blade
√Lubricate Motors If Required

Don't Wait Until It is Hotter Inside Your Home Then It Is Outside!!!

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Arlington 703.524.6700 ∗ Ashburn 703.729.7666

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VA STATE LIC #2705020601A

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  • Maintenance Service Agreements
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Trained, Licensed and Insured Technicians
  • 24 hour answering with response service
  • Major inventory of parts
  • Service All brands
  • Free Second Opinions
  • Free Replacement/New System Estimates
  • Generator Service and Installation
  • Humidifiers
  • Air Purification Solutions
  • Rotobrush Duct Cleaning
  • Water Heater Service, Repair, and Installations


Prevent costly breakdowns by having your home's comfort system inspected today.
 $89.95 per system
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Best heat pump installation I have ever seen, outstanding craftsmanship. Took the time required to do the installation correctly. Thanks for a job well done.

R R Laurel MD


Love your prompt service keep up the good work!!

Donald W    Jessup MD 


We are very happy with our new A/C and Heating System; the Air Scrubber & Aprilaire filter were great additions to our system. The air quality in our home is much improved!

David B.  Laurel MD


John and his helper Guy did a awesome job. They are like family to us. Great Guys.

L. Norris Germantown MD


Excellent Job - Professional  & On-Time Thank You!!

Benny Y Gaithersburg MD


We were very happy with the installers and what a super job they did. Bob Nestor and helper were very professional.

R Ehrenreich  Gaithersburg MD











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